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Why DeepVision AI? Let's summarize.

Amplus, A Web Development Company located in Hyderabad now spreading its wings in to Artificial Intelligence based products -- DeepVision’s AI and Deep Learning video analytics products – with The Vision of Safety and Security. We strive to provide the business sector with information to safeguard lives and secure interests by leveraging the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence

These products are focusing on adding intelligence to video/CC cameras by analyzing the video content, extracting metadata, sending out real-time alerts and providing intelligence to security personnel/systems. The data generated from these analytics can be integrated in-camera, on-premise servers and on-cloud.



Traffic Signal Control

Smart transportation, or Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) are central to the Smart City, and our video analytics products

Parking Assistance

The Smart City/Transportation solution takes advantage of CCTV cameras combined with video analytics software

Housing Complex Security

The most important sensor in the growing Smart Home market is the smart camera. It covers the Internet of Things (IoT),

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