Traffic Signal Control

AI Traffic Signal Control

Smart transportation, or Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) are central to the Smart City, and our video analytics products are a key component in traffic signal control and monitoring systems, automatic number plate recognition and speed cameras, to security video systems and smart parking guidance and information systems. The most important sensor in the Smart City is the video or CCTV camera, and video analytics gives it the intelligence to control a whole transportation system.

Traffic Signal Control/Traffic Metrics

Replacing expensive under-road inductive loops with cameras running our video analytics enables cities to gather information on traffic patterns and road usage

Key Features of ai Traffic Signal Control

  •     Traffic analytics for use in traffic signal control systems and congestion monitoring
  •     Speed, length and vehicle type analysis
  •     Automatic License Plate/Number Plate Recognition (ALPR/ANPR)
  •     People and vehicle counting
  •     GPS and GIS (port geographic information system) mapping
  •     Zone detection and intrusion

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