Artificial Intelligence Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is a way of using technology to recognize a human face. Facial recognition software searches an already existing database of millions of faces, taken from every part of the world, to compare those with the ones detected in the scene to find a match! Mostsoftware are accurate, fast, deep learning-based recognition solutions for integrators, OEMs, and developers that can detect human face without racial or gender bias.

Key Features of AI Facial Recognition Software

Most efficient facial recognition software can detect and match around 15 faces at a time. Once the detect matches with a face from the existing database, it provides alerts. Anti-spoofing is also provided by facial recognition software through “liveliness” testing that does not require a 3D camera or a stereo.

Recognition of faces is mostly available in both offline and real-time modes and it is achieved by analyzing several images per face and, depending on resources, a match can be achieved in around 0.5 seconds. Most software can also enroll faces into the database from the video camera or from existing still images and cancreatea log of faces participating in a situation for later investigation. Using deep learning and AI, most software have achieved accuracies better than various industry leaders, which scores around 99.6% for LFW.


Facial Recognition software can be used for

  • Law enforcement and transportation
  • Banks and retail stores
  • Government institutions
  • Airports and ports
  • Enterprise and commercial security
  • Educational institutions
  • Urban and public area monitoring


Most facial recognition software are optimized for working in-camera with restricted power of CPU and can also be made available on-server or in-cloud. The best ones runon Windows or Linux for server-based deployment with one to sixteen cameras per system depending on the capacity of the CPU. Embedded/in-camera, many software work with a variety of camera platforms and chipsets. On-cloud, many facial recognition software are made available through Cloud Web Services API Interface and as a Web Server Application.

Facial recognition software is perfect for various access control systems and can be made to work with security systems, gates, turnstiles, and even personalization applications.

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